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Birth Trauma Workshops



CRANIAL-SACRAL WORK COMBINED WITH PRENATAL AND PERINATAL PSYCHOLOGY tools, when used immediately, or as soon after birth as possible, can effectively reduce the need for postpartum medical intervention, and decrease the effects and severity of trauma related to the birthing experience.

I never use traditional, high velocity, “Chiropractic adjustments” on babies. The gentle techniques of cranial-sacral work are more suitable, and very effective, for such sensitive and vulnerable little one’s, especially when they have been traumatized on their birth journey. The techniques do not hurt and the work is very gentle. Seldom does the pressure exceed five grams (the weight of a nickel).


Anatomy of the skull, neck and back pertinent to potential birth trauma, will be explored. This includes practical, clinically applicable, information about the location, function, and vulnerability of cranial nerves, spinal nerves, and blood supply.


These will help you to embody the skills needed to work with babies. There will be therapeutic demonstrations with babies. Insightful and rich debriefing following each demonstration session adds a rich dimension to the learning process.


  • How to hold and decompress the sub-occipital area, spine, sacrum, and other strategic and potentially traumatized, parts of the body.
  • Strategies to help a traumatized baby who cannot tolerate touch.
  • How to create a safe, healing container, to include the parents and other caregivers.
  • Strategies to help baby stay connected, or re-connect, to resources during treatment.
  • The importance of working in palatable increments using the concepts of “titration” and “pauses”.

Birth Trauma Intervention Workshops

Part 1 & Part 2 – Learn how to support babies to recover from birth trauma

These workshops are a must for all those working in the birthing field- body workers, midwives, doulas, lactation consultants, nurses, physicians, counselors. Also, for parents and others wishing to help babies who might be suffering from the after-effects of birth-related trauma.

BIRTH TRAUMA may show up as:

Inability to latch-on or effectively suck or swallow; tight jaw; generalized bodily discomfort and inability to settle; inconsolable crying; “colic”, digestive discomfort/dysfunction; urinary dysfunction; diarrhea/constipation; tactile hypersensitivity and other neurological and motor deficits; relational, bonding and attachment problems; other issues.

Dr. Hertenstein has worked with babies, to resolve problems caused by birth trauma, for over 40 years. He has taught these non-invasive methods, internationally, for over 30 years.



Cranial-sacral work, myofascial work and “pre and peri-natal psychology” tools, when used at birth (or as soon as possible after), can reduce the need for medical intervention and decrease the severity of both the short and long term effects of the physical and emotional ramifications of birth trauma.

In these workshops you will learn anatomy of the skull, neck, and back, pertinent to potential birth trauma, including practical information about the location, function, and vulnerability of cranial nerves and blood supply. There will also be experiential hands-on exercises. Techniques will be taught for the resolution of birth trauma, including how to hold and decompress the sub-occipital area, spine, sacrum, and other traumatized areas of the body. You will also be taught how to create a safe and healing container ( “womb surround” ) to include parents and other care-givers, as appropriate, helping the baby to re-connect with their resources. Strategies for how to help a baby that cannot tolerate touch will also be discussed.

Also, there will be a number of “Open Baby Sessions”, where, in the group, Dr. Hertenstein will do an intake and exam with Baby, Mom & Dad, along with one or two treatment sessions and follow-up debriefings, of which are profoundly rich learning opportunities.

In these workshops there will be ample time (40 hours total) to deeply explore all these issues. The workshops will give you the tools to confidently, and safely, begin to relate to babies, and the trauma they may hold, in a meaningful way.

The first 20 hour workshop will give you ample tools to immediately begin helping these babies and their parents. The second workshop will take you deeper into the profundity of this work. After you have had the opportunity to utilize the work for a few months, you will find yourself ready for this deepening.


Two 20 hour, three day workshops

Optimal learning necessarily limits these workshops to 20 participants.


All workshops will be rescheduled post Covid.  If you would like to arrange to talk with Dennis directly, please call Dr. Dennis Hertenstein 707-566-7396 or email: dennis-hertenstein@sonic.net



To reduce the need for medical intervention by providing newborns with immediate help either at, or soon after, birth.

NOTE: This workshop has the same content as the above course: Learn How To Support Babies to Recover from Birth Trauma, but it is designed only for people who are present at birth, and can put their hands on babies for healing purposes.

Please contact Dr. Hertenstein if you would like to have this workshop in your area.